May 23 2016

Activity 3 – Create an Avatar

Your task this week is to create an avatar to use on your blog when leaving comments. Your avatar is an online representation of you. It might have your hair colour, types of clothes you like to wear, a guitar or pet that you have. You may like to choose an animal or crazy, fantastic creature for your avatar.

Here are a few creator sites:

May 23 2016

Activity 2 – All About me!

Create a page introducing yourself. You could write a short bio, a poem or create a list of things people may not know about you. You could include information about your family, your pets, your passions and interests, favourite books and authors, music and artists, food, movies, subjects at school…

Below are instructions for creating your page.

  1. Login to your blog, go to the dashboard>pages>add new
  2. Change the title to About Me or something similar.
  3. If you only have one row of icons above the box, click on the last icon called the kitchen sink or toggle. This opens a second row which allows you to change font colours.
  4. In the box, write a bit about yourself remembering to be internet safe.
  5. When you have finished click the big button on the right side of your screen –send for review.
  6. Once you have saved your about me page, go back and delete the sample page.
  7. If your theme doesn’t show pages in the header area, then you will need to go to dashboard> appearance> widgets and drag across the Pages one to your sidebar.