November 14 2016

Week 6: Challenge – Inspire me!

I have read lots of suspenseful sizzling starts and stories in the last couple of weeks and on the whole, I have to say, much of it has been very dark, even a little disturbing. As a result, I’m craving some bright, uplifting, inspirational posts, so this week… no dark gloomy paths or tunnels, no blood splattered walls, and definitely no zombies or evil clowns. I want to know what motivates you, who are the people that inspire you, and what makes you happy?












Activity 1

Choose a bright, cheerful, uplifting image and write a creative response to that, either a short imaginative story or poem. (Remember to include attribution.)

Activity 2

Write about a person who inspires you. What are the qualities that you admire?

(I remember blogging about a few women who inspired me after reading a great book called ‘Amazing Babes’ by Eliza Sarlos. You may want to check it out.)

Activity 3

Write a post about your hopes and dreams. What are your goals? Include both short term and long term goals. What can you do to help achieve your goals? Be specific.

Activity 4

Create a gallery of images that describe you and the things that make you happy. Be sure to include attribution. You may want to include a paragraph that explains your choices. In what way do the images you chose describe you and what is it that really makes you happy?

November 7 2016

Week 5: Student Blogging Challenge

3823574141Last week students were asked to select an interesting landscape image,  include  attribution, and create a sizzling start to a story based on that image. The challenge this week is to select one of the story starters from a fellow blogger and continue where they left off. Where will their story lead you? Make sure to backfill where needed and build the tension. I am including the sizzling starts of six more of our super star bloggers in Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Issue 4, so along with the three previously featured in Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Issue 3 you have plenty of choice. Which one appeals to you? I can’t wait to read your thoughts!

The very best will feature on the home page in an upcoming Extra!