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Today l’ve featured a selection of Elly’s informative and creative posts. Enjoy!

Pollution and Litter

Don’t you  hate it when a person says “Oh, this is great for the environment” but then throws some type of plastic in the bush. It’s annoying isn’t it? Yup really annoying!

People are doing this WAY to much. They’re killing animals and destroying the environment. By killing animals I mean choking, getting stuck in plastic bags and more. You may mean no harm at first but doing it really does affect the way we’re living. The litter that people throw away instead of putting in a bin can go out to sea or fly out to the forest affecting many animals lives. More than 500 animals a year have been killed to illness, choking, being tangled up and  bags getting stuck on their heads. This all happens because of pollution and litter. Pollution is something in the air that can be harmful or poisonous, litter is garbage that people throw out into nature causing many deaths of animals. Some people are careless with litter and just throw it on the ground, you’ll probably see this when a person chucks something out their car window, or when someone just scrunched up a receipt and misses the garbage bin and even when a child leaves a lolly wrapper on the ground. We need to stop littering before it gets out of hand. Soon half  the world will be covered and this just shows how much people litter. In many places in the world, it’s illegal to litter. If you do you can be fined 500 dollars and/or get sent to jail.

There are many different types of pollution and here are some of them and what they do:

Air pollution- Harmful gases and tiny particles (like carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide) when released into the air cause pollution. The smoke released from burning fuel, from factories and not to forget the motor cars are the major sources of air pollution.

Water pollution- All that dirty water from our house drains through the pipes into rivers and oceans dirtying the water. Can you imagine all those chemicals from factories draining into the river? And that is the water that you drink. Think about all the diseases that you can get from drinking such water.

Land pollution- All that plastic and dirt that you throw on the ground dirties the land and when you don’t maintain the hygiene, then disease prevails.

Noise pollution- You want to listen to head banging rock music and your parents orbit into the space. But have you thought about your dear little sensitive ears? How much can they take? Not much and the effect is seen within a few years when you can’t hear what people say. You end up becoming deaf. Not to mention other problems like high blood pressure and other diseases that you develop.

As you can see pollution isn’t good at all, it doesn’t only hurt animals but us too. Everybody has probably done it at least once, and some times it can be on accident or on purpose. We can put an end to litter and pollution and SAVE THE DAY!!!!


Here are some of the websites I found information from:


The lights were all shifting to different places, the people all dancing on the wide floor. Wait! I almost forgot. I’m not watching the show, I’m in the show!

StarStruck is a giant show where different schools in the area dance and put a show on. Loads of people watch it and when you’re performing you get a bit nervous but it’s really fun. This year I tried out for StarStruck and got in! When I got in I thought that it would be as easy as making eggs on toast but no it wasn’t, it was very hard. The people in StarStruck at my school go to the basket ball stadium and then when we practice movement rehearsals and dress rehearsals we go to the entertainment centre. It’s really crowded when we practice but we managed not to get lost.

In the entertainment centre there’s a hall where all the performer’s stay when they’re not performing. My school got a very small spot to sit but we handled it. When we waited we ate, relaxed, did small activities and watched the other people perform. We were able to watch them because the hall had giant screens that were connected to cameras that showed them dancing.

My school was lucky enough to get in and get at least two dances. We had a dance called ‘superheroes’ and one called ‘another opin another show.’  In the superheroes dance we got stop and go signs! Before the very last performance we all went to Hungry Jacks and got a meal.

We all had loads of fun and here are a few pictures of my school at StarStruck!



So if you didn’t know I love art. Art is like doing something creative, amazing, extraordinary and different.

Almost every day I draw something and sometimes when I draw in class people are always saying “wow, that’s amazing” but I want to go out of the world art so why not a galaxy, the universe. I love drawing anime AKA the cartoon name in japan. I normally think of something and just draw it off the top of my head. Here are just a few of the drawings I do (BTW some of these are my sisters :):

Oh no! The charmander is backwards, well, whoops.

The top 3 and the one with the group of people in the second row are my stisters. Now the deer, charmander, Harley Quinn, school girl and the girl in the tech background are all mine.

I have loads more than this. But that’s all I’m showing you for now.

(you can click on a picture to see it closer)  🙂

Guitar Performance

On Sunday, I went to the hall of arts in Lochinvar with my sister. We were both there because we were going to preform, me on guitar and my sister was going to sing.

When I got there I was so nervous and one of the things that was embarrassing was that I was the only girl in the group of people waiting to do guitar. I felt pretty confident just cause I was getting taught by Nick in the music academy (the place I learn and plus he is a really good teacher) but the fact I was doing a solo made me really nervous. I was playing ‘Stitches’ on the guitar.

I walked up the stairs to sing and play the guitar but I was shaking. After my performance a really loud clap came on, I even think I could hear a couple of Whoos and 1 or 2 whistles, also my sister could feel my shaking. Soon it was my sisters turn, she also did a solo and was going to sing ‘Crybaby’. She did really well. I had to leave early because of my baby brother.

I had a wonderful time and can’t wait until next year.


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