August 30 2017


A post from Gemma who was new to blogging this year. I hope you get to continue the blogging  journey Gemma. 

About my school!

Hi this is Gemma

I blog every Thursday I make new updates every blogging day.

Mrs Riding helps the blogging group blog. She is the #1 librarian that I know.

I nearly do everything the school puts in the newsletter like harmony day, which is when we wear orange, I play netball and hockey, odd feet day where you wear weird shoes or socks, and discos where you PARTY!

A couple of weeks ago we got some new furniture for our theatre area in the library. We aren’t allowed to go there at reccess or lunch but we can on library time or blogging times.

My library day is Thursday. We borrow books that we want to read and we bring them back the next week. We have a junior fiction, non fiction, and fiction areas. Our non fiction is for finding facts, information, research, and just for things you’re interested in. Fiction is for looking for your favourite authors, series, illustrators and genres.

Term 1

31/01/17 In term 1 we found out what teacher we were going to have for the year. In year 5/6 the teachers were Mr Davies, Mr Carter, Mrs Penberthy and Mrs Brathwaite. I have Mrs Brathwaite. The first things we did were literacy, maths, art, sport and singing. We had our famous Easter hat parade, odd feet day, harmony day and our cross country. In week 9 we found out that Mrs. Brathwaite was sadly leaving the school and we were going to be having a teacher named Mrs Cameron for the rest of the year.

Term 2

26 /04/17 On the first day of Term 2 we created a table name. Our table name is Fairytail. This name is a movie with anime in it. The people I know from the movie are Erza Scarlet, Juvia, Jet and Bob. I don’t know what the movie is about but what I know who some of the people in it are and that it has most of all anime. (That is like a style of Japanese film and animation for television typically aimed at adults and children if you didn’t know.) Mrs Cameron is a better teacher than I thought. Mrs Brathwaite left some beanbags that we could sit on if we were good and she also left half of the dress ups.

27 / 04 / 17 This is our second day of school and I am in fact typing this at blogging today. It is really cold outside. It is 12 degrees Celsius. This morning I was waiting in the car for about 3 minutes for my mum to get my school jacket and it felt like I was ice. No ice block for me today. It’s way, way, way too COLD ! :-/ It might snow in my area next week. The storm we had a couple of days ago was the coldest storm ever. Lightning, thunder, rain and very heavy wind. The wind nearly blew my dogs and their bowls away. It was horrid!

3/5/17 Today it’s my friends birthday. She is turning 11 and I will be getting her a box of chocolates. (eventually!) I play hand ball with her everyday.

4/5/17 It is 9:20am and I have just started my school day. I don’t really know what I am going to do today. I hope we are going to have some fun and some sport. Everyday is a good day @ tps .


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