June 5 2016


Leaving comments is an important part of blogging. It allows you to engage in discussions, share thoughts and connect with your blog. It transforms your blog from a static space to an interactive community. You can connect with your classmates, friends, family or bloggers from across the country or the world. Blogging has no boundaries.

To create a great comment it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

  1. Write it like a letter with a greeting, followed by the content and then a closing.
  2. Always use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. Remember no text talk.
  3. Add new, relevant information. Remember stay on topic, don’t write random stuff.
  4. If you want to continue the conversation, end your comment with a question.
  5. Never reveal personal information about yourself such as where you live or specific places you go.
  6. Always read over your comment and edit before you submit it.
  7. Only use one emoticon if you feel the need to use one.
  8. Remember, you are putting your best self forward, so polish your comments.