September 18 2017


Sarah is the last of our featured Stage 3 bloggers. Here is a small selection of her great work. Enjoy!

It was an absolute pleasure to work with this amazing group of students. They learned a lot along the way and produced some great posts. Thank you Stage 3.

My Amazing Blogging Teacher!!!

Mrs Riding is my blogging teacher and school librarian at Tenambit Public School, my school!! She has inspired me so much I wrote this acrostic poem dedicated to her. Enjoy!!

S – Sweet, No matter what ( except if you’re in trouble) She is always sweet!!

U – Unreal, She will usually do things for you if they are useful.

S – Sustainable, She always tries to use the sustainable items instead of plastic and cares so much for the environment that she organised the aluminium can recycling program.

A – Amazing, She shows that she is amazing each and everyday.

N – Noble,  Mrs Riding is noble to every one!!

N – Nice, of course she is nice, why think otherwise??

E – Entertaining, whether it is from choosing a good book to read or just having a good ol’ conversation, She is entertaining.


R – Respectful, When we have an opinion against Mrs Riding or disagree with her, she is respectful of our opinion.

I – Intelligent, When we put something in our blog post that is not true she will tell us and rightfully correct it.

D – Dainty, She shows she is dainty through and through just by the way she talks, dresses and even writes!

I – Impressive, Mrs Riding shows how much she can do everyday. P.S. She manages to remember all 350 or other students names every week.

N – Neat, You HAVE to be neat to be a good librarian And she is an AMAZING librarian!!

G – Giving, She likes to give a lot of things, like badges for celebrating Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday and more

My dog Happy’s life!

Happy is a Jack Russel Terrier and in dog years he is about 90yrs old. He is white with faded ginger spots and, as any old man would, he loves to sleep. He loves meat, cheese, anything covered in sauce and surprisingly, Granny Smith apples. He is an inside dog.

His daily routine is he sleeps in dad’s room until dad gets up, then he goes and walk around. He then goes to sleep in my room or dad’s room. At lunch if there is anything yummy to eat he will do a high pitched whine and hover until one of us kids gives him something. He will then scratch, then sleep until dinner time. He does the same things that he does at lunch. He then goes to sleep in my room, until dad goes to bed and then he will go with him.

He hates dog food and only eats it if he is REALLY hungry. My sister some times overreacts to him being in the room and he gets grumpy. If you want to see some pictures of Happy then go and see my gallery of Happy coming with us on a road trip to and from Ballina. Here is one if you can’t be bothered going to the post.

My book review on ‘The Lampo Circus’

The Lampo Circus’ by Alexandra Adornetto is a book about two kids named Milli And Ernest. Milli and Ernest returned from defeating Lord Aldor and saving the town of Drabville. Then one day’ The Lampo Travelling Circus’ comes for only children as it is a children only circus.Then on the last day they get whisked away to The Realm of Runis. Read the story to find out what happens next.

I like this book because it is a very child friendly book whilst not being childish. I also like the way that she uses show don’t tell (which means describing an object but not telling what it is.) She just seems to connect with the reader.

I recommend this book to anyone in years 3 and up. I would give it a 10/10.

My Decision

I turn my head and expect to see my friend, Mia. I look down, and I gasp. My life flashes before my eyes. I remember why I’m doing this. I was dared and I knew it was deadly. I was brought here before I could say no. I am looking into the Grand Canyon and I am regretting my decision and I can’t escape. In my head I say. 3, 2, 1, go……..

Make up your own ending and it will get featured on my blog as soon as I can.

Elly S:

I was about to jump but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, I was too scared that I was going to die. “Why did I get pulled into this when I knew that I could escape at that moment but I didn’t?” I said looking down at the ground which looked like it was a million miles away. I just couldn’t do it. I’d have to walk down, then I had this eager feeling that I had to jump. I backed up from the edge, made the run and then made the leap. “AHHHHHHHH” I yelled while I was falling down into this wide open area. I screamed and I screamed until I saw this small pond. I finally had hope. I moved sideways and tried to aim for the pond then… SPLASH! I landed in the pond. I made it! I actually made it! This is the best day of my life!

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